Winnebago Yankee to take family on vacation

Joba Chamberlain, a member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, never took a family vacation when he was growing up. There wasn't enough money in his single-parent home."

So the Yankees pitcher is doing something to help a family in need. Chamberlain, 22, will be taking a Nebraska family to Disney World this weekend.

"I’ve never taken a family vacation my entire life. I started thinking, I want to do something for a family — not necessarily that has someone sick, but someone who works for a living, pays their bills, provides for their family but doesn’t have enough extra money to do something that they want to do," Chamberlain tells The New York Times.

A fifth-grade student from the elementary school that Chamberlain attended in Lincoln was picked for the trip. Kristan Martin will be going with his siblings and parents to Florida.

“It speaks volumes to his character that he’d do something like this for a family he’s never even met before," Jeremy Mort, the siblings' parents, said of Chamberlain.

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