Abourezk: Action, not words, on Indian health
"It only took nine years of negotiation, but the U.S. Senate finally reauthorized the legislation that oversees delivery of health care to all Native people Tuesday.

By a vote of 83-10, the Senate passed the Indian Health Care Improvement Act.

"People are literally dying because we have not acted," said Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.), sponsor of the act. "This bill is a first step that will help put an end to health care rationing and move the health care system in Indian Country in the right direction."

Dorgan has always said he plans to immediately begin drafting legislation that would lead to reform of Indian health care upon passage of the act.

Now, he gets to prove his words with action.

But for now, Indian Country should be grateful for his sponsorship of this landmark legislation that is expected to bring more health care professionals to reservations, improve Indian health care infrastructure and expand Indian health services."

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Kevin Abourezk: Indian Health Bill Passed, Oh And Apology, Too (RezNet News 2/27)

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