Column: Indian mascots don't belong in schools
"Warriors, Braves, Indians, Redmen, Redskins — naming sports teams after American Indians is one of our nation’s more peculiar preoccupations.

While the names, and the icons and mascots used to represent those names, have ranged from respectful to racist, many American Indians have objected to the use of any symbols, and the continued practice has been a source of contention across the country.

So who should be the arbiter as to what is offensive to American Indians? Randy Joseph? Frank James? Nauset High School students? Natick voters? Doug Flutie?

The answer is that there is no answer. The question is why do schools continue to struggle over what is basically a simple issue. Using these names and logos is controversial and is offensive to many American Indians.

This isn’t about PC; it’s about common sense. This isn’t some language-bending bunch of do-gooders suggesting “Warriors” should be changed to “Passively-challenged.” It’s at worst, (i.e.: The Washington Redskins) racist and at best misguided. Schools, students and society aren’t served by stereotyping even if the stereotype is a positive one, and ignoring the concerns and wishes of those who are offended undoes any good intentions and unnecessarily undermines a school’s integrity "

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