Abourezk: Action, not apology, for Indian people
"Should the United States apologize for its mistreatment of Indian people?

A Kansas senator wants his government to again wrestle with that question, proposing that the U.S. Senate issue a formal apology to Native people.

Consideration of an official apology to this country's Native people yet this week would be timely, considering the Australian parliament's decision Wednesday to issue an apology for policies that degraded its indigenous people.

So what real effect will such a hollow apology have in ending the very real problems—sky-high rates of diabetes, infant mortality, and alcohol and drug abuse—facing Native people today?

Rather, the government should spend its time tackling real issues, like reauthorization of the Indian health care bill, rather than trying to soothe its own conscience.

The U.S. government needs to end its reliance on good words when it comes to dealing with Indian problems and begin taking action. "

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Kevin Abourezk: A Hollow Apology to Indian People (RezNet News February 2008)

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