Editorial: Bank welcome at Turtle Mountain
"Many folks in and around Belcourt refer to themselves as "Metchif," a rich culture of the descendants of Chippewa and some Cree American Indians as well as French and Scots traders. The Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa holds federal recognition and has sovereignty over the Turtle Mountain Reservation.

Belcourt is home to Turtle Mountain Community College, with its superb facility, and some tribally owned industry. Nearby is the attractive and hospitable Sky Dancer facility.

Now Belcourt and the reservation have a full-fledged bank. As far as is known, it's the only bank on a reservation privately owned by American Indians.

The Turtle Mountain State Bank is owned by individuals. As such, it operates under the same laws and regulations as other banks in the state. Just because it's on a reservation gives it no special breaks. It's a business that has to stand on its own."

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Editorial: New bank in Belcourt is a benefit (The Bismarck Tribune 1/25)

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