Indian businesses find success on the Internet
The Internet is turning out to be a good place for tribal and Indian companies to do business.

The Red Lake Nation of Minnesota started a website for its Red Lake Nation Foods company four years ago. Sales have jumped from $10,000 in the first year to $250,000 in 2007.

"The growth is phenomenal," manager Joel Rohde tells Minnesota Public Radio. Customers come as far away as Germany and the United Kingdom.

Kathy Lausche and her husband Tony Nyberg selli food and crafts from their home on the Leech Lake Ojibwe Reservation in Minnesota. At first they used eBay but they started their own site in 2002.

"It's grown way more than we could have ever anticipated, and faster," Lausche says. Sales have tripled every year, with customers all the way in Australia.

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American Indian products selling big on the Web (Minnesota Public Radio 1/24)

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