Opinion: Fond du Lac chair survives political move
"Hundreds of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa members turned out for a hearing Monday morning where Chairwoman Karen Diver faced allegations including malfeasance in handling tribal affairs, neglect of duty and refusal to comply with any provisions of the constitution and bylaws of the tribe.

The Reservation Business Committee, or the Fond du Lac Tribal Council, is the governing body of the reservation. They voted 4-0 to dismiss the allegations and for that action, they should be highly praised. Diver, who is on the committee and could have voted, chose to abstain.

The hearing grew out of a petition signed by 238 band members, which was slightly more than the 20 percent of eligible voters needed to bring the allegations to the committee under the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Constitution.

With elections coming later this year, the attempt to oust Diver was likely due to “tribal politics,” according to Shabiash.

Karen Diver stated it almost seemed like those signing the petition were trying to use public opinion rather than facts and rules. However, she added, those people did have their say, and that was perhaps the most important thing.

Her ability to recognize the rights of members trying to remove her from office and the committee’s decision to dismiss the sweeping allegations should be seen as signs of an effective governing body."

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Lisa Baumann: Kudos to Fond du Lac Reservation Business Committee for dimissing allegations against chairwoman (The Pine Journal 1/10)

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