Montana U.S. Attorney to visit Fort Peck Reservation
Bill Mercer, the U.S. Attorney for Montana, will attend a community meeting on the Fort Peck Reservation next Monday.

The Fort Peck Tribes called the meeting to address concerns about the lack of prosecutions for suspicious deaths. Several people have died under suspicious circumstances and their families want to know why no one is being held accountable.

"It's ridiculous. We've got killers walking the street," Ed Simons, whose friend Kenneth Booth was killed, told The Great Falls Tribune. "There's no equity in the justice system."

Mercer has been criticized for not maintaining a strong presence in Montana. For nine months, he held a top position at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., and only spent three days a month in Montana, according to The Washington Post.

Mercer ended up leaving his DC position and has returned to Montana full-time.

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Fort Peck to address U.S. Attorney Mercer at forum (The Great Falls Tribune 12/13)

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