Montana tribes contribute more than $1B to state
Tribes in Montana contribute more than $1 billion to the state's economy, according to a report from the State Tribal Economic Development Commission.

The report looked at revenues generated by the eight federally- and state-recognized tribes in Montana in 2003. It said the majority of the money was spent off the reservation.

The Flathead Reservation, the Blackfeet Reservation and the Fort Peck Reservation were responsible for about 60 percent of the revenues, according to the report. Flathead alone generated 30 percent.

The economic impact of tribes on the state is higher than $1 billion because private businesses on reservations weren't included in the report.

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Report evaluates Tribal monetary impacts on the State of Montana (The Glacier Reporter 11/14)

Monetary Contributions of Reservations to the State of Montana (November 2007)

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