New York governor backs off Indian tax collections
New York Gov Eliot Spitzer (D) is backing away from plans to collect state taxes on the sale of goods on reservations.

During his campaign, Spitzer said he would require tribes to collect taxes on the sale of cigarettes and gasoline to non-Indians. He took the same position when he was attorney general of the state.

Now his administration says it won't enforce the taxes until April 1, 2008. “There are sovereignty issues that need to be taken into consideration, and we are continuing to review possible approaches for collecting this revenue," a spokesperson told The Buffalo News.

The news was welcomed by tribal leaders. "We commend the governor for honoring Seneca Nation sovereignty," said Seneca President Maurice A. John Sr., who said the tribe continues to share gaming revenues with the state.

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Even as state deficit balloons, Spitzer backs off vow to collect Indian sales taxes (The Buffalo News 10/31)