Editorial: Navajo Nation makes a mess of loan
"The Navajo Nation's economic leaders, its government leaders, and those involved on a local level should all be ashamed of themselves for the BCDS Manufacturing debacle.

It is an embarrassment that should be considered a crime, and may well be before all is said and done.

The Navajo people deserve better.

BCDS Manufacturing Inc. is a steel and fiberglass fabrication factory in the Navajo Nation town of Shiprock. However, it is not making its loan payments.

Somehow, despite what should have stood out as a glaring caution sign in bright lights, Navajo leaders involved with this mess forgot to check the background of the outsider wanting to develop this company. It turns out he has a criminal record that might not make him so attractive for investing millions of precious Navajo dollars to support a startup business.

But invest millions the Navajo leadership did."

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Editorial: Navajo loan mess becomes big waste (The Farmington Daily Times 9/25)

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