Opinion: 'Redskin' magazine busts stereotypes?
"The new magazine Redskin describes itself like this:
Redskin is an Indigenous owned and operated provocative publication penetrating the critical intersection of indigenous beauty, power, politics and art through the explosive forces of sexuality and humor…This adult oriented publication hopes to disrupt common stereotypes and barriers associated with our indigenous culture.

Wow, a magazine that finally reveals Natives in all their semi-naked glory. A magazine that shows us how men and especially women can have buffed, bodacious bodies and still be real people. Who would’ve thought of exploiting Native sexuality to engage readers and make a buck too? I’m amazed no one ever came up with this idea before.

Yep…as I said, a totally creative and innovative idea. Uh-huh, sure.

If Redskin is a success, they can spin off more stereotype-busting magazines. A women’s magazine called Squaw. A child-rearing magazine called Papoose. A home design magazine called Teepee. A fashion magazine called Buckskin. A sports magazine called Warriors. An executive magazine called Chief. (I could go on, and on.)"

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Rob Schmidt: Stereotypes or Bust(s): Will Redskin magazine help or hurt Natives? (Racialicious 9/20)

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