Navajo Nation president laughs at 'DC' spoof

Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. thinks the "DC Navajo" short film on YouTube is funny, a spokesperson said.

"This is a president who keeps an editorial cartoon of himself on the office wall," spokesperson George Hardeen told The Farmington Daily Times. This kind of thing doesn't bother him."

The 10-minute spoof features a corrupt tribal official who works in the Navajo Nation's Washington Office. After receiving a kickback check from JPMorgan Chase, the bank that recently extended a $100 million line of credit to the tribe, Dale Tailfeather gives a thumbs-up to Shirley's portrait.

The film was produced by Shonie De La Rosa of Sheephead Films. He sent out a press release earlier this week, saying that Shirley was upset after seeing it and sent an assistant to Kayenta Township, where De La Rosa works, to complain. De La Rosa also said Shirley canceled a visit to Kayenta.

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