Ousted Ute officials gave themselves $12K
Three officials of the Ute Tribe of Utah who were voted out of office gave themselves more than $12,000 in "parting gifts" before giving up their seats in May, The Deseret Morning News reports.

Former chairwoman Maxine Natchees received a $4,785.92 check, which she used to buy a computerized embroidery machine and software. Former council member Smiley Arrowchis received $4,701.40 to buy guns and other equipment.

Richard Jenks Jr., another former council member, received $2,863.61, which he used at a Best Buy store in Salt Lake City to buy LCD TVs and computer monitors.

Arrowchis signed the check given to Natchees and Jankins. Natchees signed the one given to Arrowchis.

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