No absentee voters for Eastern Cherokee election
Members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians who live off the North Carolina will no longer be able to mail in their votes for elections.

Due to a change in tribal law, off-reservation residents have to vote in person. That will have an impact on elections because about one-third of tribal members live elsewhere.

Diane Jacobson, a Cherokee who lives in Georgia, challenged the new law. She said it is nearly impossible for her to come to the reservation to vote because she has an autistic son who needs constant care.

But the Cherokee courts rejected Jacobson's lawsuit. They said the ban on mail-in votes was not discriminatory.

Chief Michell Hicks is running for re-election this year. Thanks to mail-in ballots, he narrowly won his bid for office three years ago, The Smoky Mountain News reported.

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Cherokee heads into election with absentee limits in place (The Smoky Mountain News 1/10)

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