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Oklahoma tribes not thrilled about centennial

Oklahoma turns 100 years old in 2007 but Oklahoma tribes aren't rushing to say Happy Birthday.

Tribal leaders associate statehood with the loss of their lands. Reservations were opened up to non-Indians through "land runs" that are still celebrated today.

"Look at what we got out of it," Comanche Nation Chairman Wallace Coffey told The Tulsa World. "You can't spoon-feed people your culture when your true history is omitted from the history books."

Osage Nation Chief Jim Gray said the tribe has been asked to participate in centennial events but won't be doing so. "The cost of statehood had a huge price for Indians," he told the paper.

George Tiger, chairman of the United Indian Nations of Oklahoma and a member of the Muscogee Nation, said tribes need to educate others about their history.

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Centennial not a time of joy for all (The Tulsa World 11/13)

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