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Casino Stalker
Anticipation builds as town heads to casino vote

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe of Massachusetts approved a casino agreement with the town of Middleboro on Wednesday night but the real action takes place on Saturday.

In what is being called the largest meeting in town history, as many as 10,000 voters will head to the polls to consider the deal. The tribe is offering $11 million a year plus $250 million in infrastructure improvements to build a casino in the town.

Residents are on both sides of the debate. Supporters cite the jobs and revenue it will bring while opponents say it will lead to more crime, traffic and social problems. State Treasurer Timothy Cahill said voters would be making a "mistake" if they approve the deal.

A new reports shows benefits and drawbacks to casino in the town. The Middleboro Casino Gambling Study Committee cites says gaming could create as many as 10,000 jobs and bring other businesses. But it also warns of higher suicide and bankruptcy rates and more traffic.

Even if the agreement is approved, the tribe still has to apply to have its land in the town placed in trust. As a newly recognized tribe, the Mashpees qualify for an exception in the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

Ever after that, the tribe has to negotiate a Class III compact with the state. Slot machines are table games are not currently legal.

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