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Cronkite News: Hearing grapples with fate of troubled coal power plant in Indian Country (April 13, 2018)

Solutions were hard to come by at a hearing focused on saving a troubled coal-fired power in Indian Country.

House committee looks to boost troubled Indian Country coal facility (April 12, 2018)

President Donald Trump famously ended the so-called war on coal when he took office more than a year ago but that hasn't improved the outlook for a troubled coal-fired power plant in Indian Country.

Chelsey Luger: Five places to explore indigenous history in America (April 11, 2018)

This may be a young nation, but its Indigenous history is ancient, measured in tens of thousands of years.

Native Sun News Today: 13-year-old Native water protector addresses United Nations (April 11, 2018)

In Canada, a 13-year-old indigenous girl has made the fight for clean water her life’s mission.

Cronkite News: Trump administration paves way for border wall in New Mexico (April 10, 2018)

The Department of Homeland Security is expediting the construction of a border wall, acting on the campaign promises of President Donald Trump.

Quapaw Tribe goes to bat for Trump's embattled environmental official (April 9, 2018)

With his job in jeopardy, the leader of the Environmental Protection Agency can count on at least one defender in Indian Country.

Cronkite News: White Mountain Apache Tribe cleans up contamination (April 9, 2018)

The White Mountain Apache Tribe cleaned up contamination from meth labs with a brownfields grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Civil Eats: City in Arizona recognized for preserving its Native food heritage (April 9, 2018)

The prevalence of food-related disease among indigenous people is glaring—and drives many of the food justice efforts in Tucson, Arizona.

Albert Bender: Oil continues to flow through 'genocidal' Dakota Access Pipeline (April 9, 2018)

Oil continues to flow, money continues to be made hand over fist by the corporate magnates of big oil, and the genocide continues to rake in casualties.

Chip Colwell: Rights of the dead and the living clash over DNA studies (April 6, 2018)

By the end of the 20th century, U.S. museums held the remains of some 200,000 Native American skeletons.

Tim Mentz: New FCC policy sacrifices our sacred sites for monetary gain (April 4, 2018)

The cultural history of indigenous nations has been chapter upon chapter of defending our rights against corporate America.

Native Sun News Today: Wild horse sanctuary in Black Hills going strong (April 4, 2018)

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary founder Dayton O. Hyde is celebrating his 93rd birthday with a television appearance.

YES! Magazine: Kashia Band takes control of ancestral homelands (April 3, 2018)

The Kashia Pomo’s success might be the first time that a tribe has held a private deed—as well as management rights—to their ancestral lands.

Native Sun News Today: Oglala Sioux Tribe slams 'DAPL-type' project (April 3, 2018)

Concerns about pollution and damage to sacred sites prompted the Oglala Sioux Tribe to demand consultation on fracking activities in treaty territory.

Study confirms Inuit knowledge about movements of caribou herds (April 2, 2018)

Inuit knowledge about the Dolphin-Union caribou herds in Canada has been confirmed in a study that used drones to track the animals.

Native Sun News Today: 'Sioux Chef' Sean Sherman rises to fame (March 30, 2018)

Born in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, proud Oglala Lakota Chef Sean Sherman and his company have risen to fame.

Winnebago Tribe promotes food sovereignty for future generations (March 30, 2018)

Native and non-Native farmers, ranchers and agricultural advocates met on the Winnebago Reservation to discuss regenerative agriculture.

Native Sun News Today: Forest Service plan aims to protect Lakota sacred sites (March 29, 2018)

The Custer Gallatin National Forest is seeking to protect an area in South Dakota that includes petroglyph and sacred sites.

High Country News: Northwest tribes in fight against fossil fuels (March 28, 2018)

Two Pacific Northwest conflicts exemplify a union between tribal nations and anti-fossil fuel advocates.

Spending bill includes large infusion of funds for Indian housing (March 27, 2018)

The $1.3 trillion spending bill approved by Congress and signed into law last week includes the largest infusion of funds for Indian housing in nearly a decade.

Native Sun News Today: Uranium mining near Pine Ridge Reservation halted (March 27, 2018)

Ensnared in legal action with the Oglala Sioux Tribe over uranium mining and milling on sacred unceded treaty land near the Pine Ridge Reservation, Crow Butte Resources, will halt production here this year.

Cronkite News: House panel tackles big backlog at national parks (March 22, 2018)

Witnesses and panelists at a House hearing agreed that something needs to be done to close an $11.6 billion maintenance backlog in the national parks, but differed on how to pay for it.

Trump administration blames tribes for delay in new Dakota Access study (March 21, 2018)

The Trump administration is blaming tribes as it delays a highly-anticipated study of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Tribes object as Trump appointees 'streamline' interests of wireless industry (March 20, 2018)

Republican members of the Federal Communications Commission are poised to 'streamline' the interests of the wireless industry despite strong objections from Indian Country.

Winnebago Tribe confirms first sighting of mountain lion in decades (March 19, 2018)

Matt Morgan has seen mountain lions on his family’s farm for years, but in all that time, and despite having set up several cameras along trails, he’s never caught a photo of one.

Red Lake Nation calls for removal of oil pipelines from reservation (March 16, 2018)

'We just want them to move their lines and clean up the pollution and the damages they've done the past 70 years.'

Jenni Monet: What the movement at Standing Rock gave the world (March 16, 2018)

Americans saw the Indigenous struggle—the violence, stolen resources, colluding corporations and governments—that goes hand in hand with protecting the Earth.

Native Sun News Today: Oglala Sioux Tribe heads to court on uranium mining in Black Hills (March 15, 2018)

A federal appeals court hears arguments on March 20 in the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s lawsuit to prevent uranium mining in the Black Hills.

Native Sun News Today: Standing Rock youth are a big hit in D.C. (March 14, 2018)

'Native people have always been artistic. It’s in our blood and in our every way of life.'

YES! Magazine: Elders and warriors keep close watch on pipeline (March 14, 2018)

Tiny House Warriors have been putting homes in the path of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Republicans advance bill to prevent name changes at sacred site (March 14, 2018)

Republicans are reaching back to the Obama administration to justify a bill that prevents any changes to the namesake of Devils Tower National Monument.

Republican bill blunts Native efforts to change name at sacred site (March 9, 2018)

Republican lawmakers are once again trying to protect the namesake of Devils Tower National Monument even though tribal leaders and advocates have called for change.

Senate candidate Mitt Romney supports dismantling of Bears Ears (March 9, 2018)

Though he has distanced himself from President Donald Trump in the past, Mitt Romney is in lockstep with the administration now that he needs votes for his Senate campaign.

Don Gentry: Natural gas pipeline poses major threat to Klamath Tribes (March 8, 2018)

From the perspective of the Klamath Tribes, the federal government should deny approval of this destructive pipeline to protect the tribe’s traditional homeland.

Winnebago Tribe sees power from solar energy as boost to sovereignty (March 7, 2018)

For the Winnebago Tribe, the battle for sovereignty is taking place in a field near a car dealership and on roofs across their reservation.