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Editorial: Left in the dark about Native Hawaiian bill (12/21)
Senate panel passes Native Hawaiian recognition bill (12/18)
House panel approves Native Hawaiian recognition (12/17)
Editorial: Racial segregation and Native Hawaiians (12/17)
Audio: House Resources Committee opens markup (12/16)
Agenda for Senate Indian Affairs business meeting (12/16)
House panel to consider Indian arts, Hawaiian bill (12/15)
Shinnecock Nation wins federal recognition ruling (12/15)
Samish Nation loses case over lost federal benefits (12/10)
Shinnecock Nation awaits decision on federal status (12/09)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee postpones meeting (12/08)
Indian Affairs Committee meeting and two hearings (12/07)
Little Shell Chippewa Tribe in dispute over state funds (12/02)
Judge who worked for Narragansett Tribe up for court (12/02)
WaPo Blog: Virginia tribes mark Thanksgiving Day (11/25)
Opinion: Chamorro people need tribal recognition (11/18)
Little Shell Chippewa Tribe takes bid to Congress (11/04)
Opinion: Big stakes in Tennessee tribal recognition (11/04)
Witness list: SCIA hearing on federal recognition (11/03)
Editorial: Virginia tribes get closer to recognition (11/03)
Indian Affairs Committee hearing on recognition (10/29)
Editorial: Fix broken federal recognition at BIA (10/29)
Little Shell Chippewa recognition bill introduced (10/28)
Little Shell Chippewa Tribe loses recognition bid (10/27)
Editorial: Overdue recognition for Virginia tribes (10/26)
Senate panel advances Virginia tribal recognition (10/23)
Lumbee Tribe moves closer to federal recognition (10/23)
Lumbee, Virginia recognition bills on SCIA agenda (10/21)
Virginia recognition bill on Senate panel agenda (10/20)
House Resources hearing on federal recognition (10/20)
Court rejects Schaghticoke recognition appeal (10/20)
Editorial: The right time for Lumbee recognition (10/19)
Muscogee Nation of Florida requests recognition (10/16)
Delaware Tribe back on track with recognition (10/14)
Editorial: Lumbee Tribe needs recognition (10/09)
Cherokee group optimistic on recognition (10/08)
Lumbee recognition bill introduced in Senate (10/02)
New York governor backs Shinnecock Nation (09/25)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe takes hit on budget (09/24)
BIA delays decision on Little Shell recognition (09/23)
Editorial: 'Racist' Native Hawaiian recognition (09/10)
Lawsuit challenges Wilton Rancheria restoration (09/02)
Rep. McDermott: Recognize the Duwamish Tribe (08/27)
BIA rejects recognition for Wisconsin tribe (08/17)
Eastern Pequot leader hopes for recognition (08/10)
Editorial: Native Hawaiians and Westerners (08/10)
Obama supports Native Hawaiian recognition (08/07)
Witness list for hearing on Native Hawaiian bill (08/05)
Delaware Tribe restored to federal recognition (08/03)
BIA sets new Little Shell Chippewa Tribe deadline (07/28)
BIA faces deadline on Little Shell Chippewa Tribe (07/27)
Brothertown Nation still waiting on recognition (07/24)
Brothertown Nation awaits recognition ruling (07/20)
Louisiana tribes losing way of life along water (07/20)
Chinook Nation optimistic on federal recognition (07/16)
BIA near decision on Little Shell Chippewa Tribe (07/16)
Audio: House hearing on federal recognition bills (07/15)
Washington tribes clash on federal recognition (07/15)
Witness list for hearing on four recognition bills (07/14)
Delaware Tribe about to regain federal status (07/14)
Wilton Rancheria set to elect new tribal council (07/14)
House hearing on four federal recognition bills (07/13)
Officials object to restoration of Wilton Rancheria (07/09)
House panel tackles more federal recognition bills (07/08)
With recognition, Wilton Rancheria looks to future (07/08)
Editorial: Cherokees of Alabama and recognition (07/02)
Chad Smith: Cherokees of Alabama not legitimate (07/01)
Coquille Tribe celebrates federal restoration (06/30)
Off-reservation Chippewas seek recognition (06/30)
Coquille Tribe celebrates federal restoration (06/25)
Delaware Tribe awaits answer on recognition (06/25)
Chinook chair eyes recognition in three years (06/23)
Editorial: Virginia tribes move closer to recognition (06/17)
Interview: Shinnecock Nation and federal recognition (06/12)
Cherokees of Alabama seek federal recognition (06/12)
Economist: Recognition nears for Shinnecock Nation (06/11)
House hearing on Native Hawaiian recognition (06/11)
Paper runs series on Virginia tribal recognition (06/10)
Witness list for hearing on Hawaiian recognition (06/09)
Delaware Tribe gets closer to federal recognition (06/09)
Wilton Rancheria regains federal recognition (06/09)
House hearing on Native Hawaiian recognition (06/08)
Column: Don't make Virginia tribes wait any longer (06/08)
Wilton Rancheria announces federal restoration (06/05)
Connecticut tribes support Shinnecock recognition (06/05)
Shinnecock Nation meets with BIA over recognition (06/04)
House once again passes Lumbee recognition bill (06/04)
Virginia tribes focus work on Senate after House win (06/04)
Another tribal recogntion bill introduced in House (06/04)
Shinnecock Nation in DC to press for recognition (06/03)
Lumbee, Virginia recognition bills on House agenda (06/03)
Editorial: Shinnecock Nation recognition on horizon (06/01)
Virginia Indian council rejects recognition for group (05/29)
Editorial: Lawmakers shouldn't decide recognition (05/28)
Column: Shinnecock Nation nears a milestone (05/28)
Cherokee Nation blasts Tennessee 'culture clubs' (05/27)
Editorial: It's time to recognize the Chinook Nation (05/27)
BIA agrees to decision on Shinnecock Nation (05/27)
Editorial: Reconsider Tennessee recognition bill (05/26)
Chinook Nation to lobby for recognition in DC (05/26)
Bill introduced to recognize Chinook Nation (05/22)
Muscogee Nation opposes Tennessee recognition bill (05/20)
Shingle Springs Band eyes Hawaiian recognition (05/13)
Cherokee Nation lobbies against 'Cherokees' (05/13)
Ex-Wampanoag leader heads to court for sentence (05/07)
Ex-Mashpee Wampanoag chair to be sentenced (05/04)
Lumbee Tribe hopeful for House vote on recognition (04/23)
House committee advances two recognition bills (04/22)
House Resources markup on recognition bills (04/21)
House Resources Committee markup on recognition bills (04/15)
Delaware Tribe seeks to restore federal recognition (04/13)
Shinnecock Nation expects recognition decision (04/06)
Cedric Sunray: Boarding schools and recognition (04/06)
Eastern Band upset with Lumbee endorsement (03/30)
Charles Trimble: Support Lumbee recognition (03/27)
Editorial: Lumbee Tribe deserves recognition (03/26)
Lipan Apache Tribe wins recognition in Texas (03/24)
Lumbee Tribe hopes to carry Obama boost to Senate (03/19)
Obama's influence felt at Lumbee recognition hearing (03/19)
Congress urged to recognize six Virginia tribes (03/19)
Audio: House hearing on federal recognition bills (03/18)
Obama administration backs Lumbee recognition (03/18)
Witness list for hearing on recognition bills (03/17)
House Resources hearing on federal recognition bills (03/16)
Muckleshoot Chair: Realities of tribal recognition (03/13)
House Resources hearing on federal recognition bills (03/12)
Column: Virginia tribes deserve federal recognition (03/12)
Road to Recognition: Rival Lumbee bill introduced (03/11)
Road to Recognition: Lumbee Tribe seeks housing (03/10)
Road to Recognition: Lumbee Tribe continues push (03/09)
Indian inmates fight over Lumbee recognition (02/24)
Opinion: Native Hawaiian tribe a boost for Democrats (02/23)
OC Weekly: Blood dispute within Juaneno Band (02/20)
Virginia tribes want Obama backing for recognition (02/18)
Obama promises push for Native Hawaiian bill (02/16)
Salazar promises review of federal recognition (02/13)
Editorial: Restore Native Hawaiian sovereignty (02/09)
Native Hawaiian recognition bill revived in Congress (02/05)
Letter: Don't let Duwamish Tribe go unrecognized (02/03)
Editorial: Move quickly on Chinook recognition (01/29)
BIA delays decision on Little Shell recognition (01/28)
Opinion: Tribal Jurisdiction for Native Hawaiians (01/19)
Lumbee Tribe recognition bill introduced again (01/15)

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